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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Saaho Full Movie Watch Online and Free Download

Saaho Full Movie Review 2019

Bollywood movie industry has seen a lot of changes as time goby; there has been a significant improvement when it comes to the quality of the movies it produces, this has resulted into growth in the total gross income from the movies. The industry has spread the wings to reach almost the whole world due to the most talented actors like Shahrukh khan among others; another contributing factor is the unique culture that is always included in the movies which make the industry unique. There have been many movies produced that have gained a lot of popularity in the world market, however, there are very many other upcoming movies which are very much anticipated by the fans all over the world. One of the most waited movies from Bollywood is Saaho; here is a Saaho movie review.

Saaho is an upcoming movie from Bollywood which is an action, thriller that has been produced by UV Creations and T-series production companies. The movie which was written and directed by Sujeeth will be featuring the most sensational Indian actress Shraddha Kapoor and the Prabhas, the master of action movies.

Saaho Full Movie

Saaho Movie Full Cast

This movie has included a number of star casts who have been in acting for a long time, all the star actors are from Bollywood, here is a preview of the cast and the crew involved in the production of this movie.

Shraddha Kapoor - She is one of the most famous Indian actresses, she has been involved in many movies since her first movie in 2010 when she featured in “Teen Patti” her character got elevated the most when she featured in Aashiqui 2 which was one of the best movies in 2013, she has so far won very many awards as the best actress in Bollywood.

Prabhas - He is one of the main characters in this movie, he made his first debut back in 2002 and later followed with other many movies which saw him win several awards as the actor of the year,  specifically after he played a role in “Mirchi” back in 2013

Jackie shroff - He has been in the movie industry for a long, he has appeared in more than 200 movies and branded and the best character in most of them

Neil Nitin Mukesh - He is one of the well known actors who made his first debut in 2007 in “Johnny Gadaar”  a film which helped him get an award of the best male debut award, since then he has been involved in many movies as supporting characters and as  the main villain in “kaththi” which was released in 2014

Vennela Kishore - his real name is Kishore but he was nicknamed Vennela because of his first feature in a movie “vennela” which made him really famous and he even won the best comedian award in the male category.

There are very many other casts which include; Murli Sharma, Supreeth, Chunky Pandey, Lal, Prakash Belavadi, Evelyn Sharma and Adyta Srivastava. This is just to name a few of them, however, there are very many others who have played minor roles tom make this movie a success


The plot of this movie is based on a story where a man, a policeman, who is heavily armed with sophisticated weapons uses these weapons fight with a gang of thugs who are also having very heavy weapons in a very busy city, the situation puts the whole city under fire, the lives of the people in the city is at risk because of these series of unfortunate events. The man struggles with all he has to make sure that he is bringing this city back to its feet. In this movie Varun, played by Prabhas is a police officer, also called Saaho, he has a father who is a very big scientist, he makes a jet pack which is really needed by a very well known drug mafia and that is how Saaho who is Varun or Prabhas ends up in the fight making the city to burn up. Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of a girl trying to chase her dream in this big city together with Saaho which ends up in some romantic scenes.

Release Dates & Trailer

The movie was planned to hit the cinema exactly on 15th of august 2019 however there have been some changes , the official release date has been shifted to 30th of august 2019, the changes are believed to have been made because of the coincidence of the release dates with two other big movies which are in the same Telugu language. However, this is just the speculated reason, it is not the official reason given by the production team.  Once it is out, you will get Saaho full movie download or you can as well check Saaho box office collection, but if you visit Saaho full movie watch online you can get to watch it online.


This movie has been produced by UV Creations and T-series production companies which have invested in a budget of Rs 300 crores. The shooting of this movie has been done in very many different places, these include; Mumbai India, Europe a bigger part in Dubai and many other places, the process of production began back in 2017. This movie has more of action and that is why it has taken quite some time to produce. Some of the main action scenes were shot in Dubai near the famous Burj Khalifa which spent a greater part of the budget money, this is the reason it is expected to be a hit movie.

The film involves very many things that actors had to learn, for instance, the underwater scenes involved which needed the main actor prabhas to learn diving before that particular scene is shot. In general, this movie has taken a good time for preparations and training before production.



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